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Application of Freshwater Sponge Spicule in Cosmetics [Nov 16,2016]
Application of Freshwater Sponge Spicule in Cosmetics
What's sponges?
Sponges are the most primitive multicellular animals, who live in the ocean for over 200 million years, it has been developed to more than 1 million species, accounting for 1 / 15 of the marine animal species, sponge is a vast ocean family, the most of them locate in marine intertidal to 8500 meters (more than 28000 feet) deep.
There's a kind of needle sponge genera (spongilla lacastris), also called freshwater sponges, and about 20 species, they live in fresh water of the clean lakes and streams. It with soft and fine structure, with appearance of shell like or branched clumps. You can find them live on the surface of aquatic plants, leaves and stones, due to the parasites such as algae living on the surface of sponges, it always show colors such as gray, brown or green.
3. The application of spongilla spicules in cosmetics
The usage of spongilla spicules is similar as massage cream, you need to use the spongilla spicules against water, apply it on the face and do massages, and it's always supported with other efficacy of the frozen dry powder or nutrient solution. After application, your face will get redness and fever as well as pore expansion, then import the nutrient solution (solutions with different efficacy such as moisturizing, acne, whitening, anti wrinkle etc, choose suitable one according to your facial trouble), the nutrients can arrive directly at the bottom of the skin, the maximum allows skin to absorb, to maximize the therapeutic efficacy. The principle is similar as the derma roller or "mosquito bite" type of micro needle, but the spongilla spicules is the product of biological evolution, it's a kind of silica with needle like, produced by freshwater sponges' natural evolution due to special living environment. the needle is finer and smaller, the spicule size of the 50um-180um, very natural, can be used on the skin for a long time.
Spongilla spicules can stimulate the dermis layer of the skin, and start the microcirculation in the skin surface, and improve capillary clogging, accelerated the aging cutin layer to spall off naturally. Compared with other similar efficacy of application, spongilla spicules only give skin pure rational stimulation, never hurt the dermis and never cause bleeding, never produce any side effects and can be used in the treatment of acne, folliculitis, oily skin and other skin problems, with multiple effects of skin polishing, oil control, acne and pimples (especially for a closed comedo), spot lighting, firm, fine pores.
Spongilla spicules can be used to improve the following skin problems:
1) Acne
2) black head acne
3) oily skin
4) horny metabolism
5) large pores
6) tiny wrinkles
7) spots
8) dark skin
Two weeks before using, That's prohibited to exposure, acceptance of laser, peeling and other treatment, prohibited to using of products contain VA acid, acid class etc.
After using, due to the acceleration of skin metabolism, the skin will appear red, peeling and other phenomena, intensive moisturizing is required. It's prohibited to use any kind of skin care products or makeup cosmetics etc within 3 days.
Routine performance of peeling:
1) dry skin: the next day, a small sign
2) neutral skin: 2-3 day
3) oily skin: 3-4 days
After 2 weeks of a spongilla spicules therapy, you can accept the next therapy if the skin problems have improved. For a healthy skin, it is recommended for a monthly maintenance.